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Austin, TX. April 20th, 2021
Contact: Jenaro Diaz

Technological and digital knowledge are two of the most important skills to an entrepreneur. For female entrepreneurs, these resources are unproportionately unavailable, putting them on the lower side of an uneven landscape.

With this in mind Jenaro Díaz, CEO of DJNR Interactive has founded DJNR.LOVE, a 501-c3 nonprofit created to offer female entrepreneurs a path to competitive growth and a chance to materialize their business goals.

DJNR.LOVE is set to launch development programs this year aimed to reach female entrepreneurs with online front development, ad campaign services and business mentorship.

The nonprofit’s board consists of an all-star female entrepreneur list who will share their evaluations and expertise in digital marketing and business development programs and services.

Students can apply to our internship program and gain real-world experience in the digital, online marketing, or branding fields. If you’re a professional who loves what we are doing, you can help us continue to give back by donating or volunteering with us.

Community leaders and other nonprofits can also apply for assistance in all the fields offered for members, including business development, online marketing campaigns and content production. You can also go on our website and sign up for the newsletter to stay updated on events, ways to get involved, tips, strategies and success stories.

DJNR Interactive is an award-winning creative & development group recognized by Fortune 500 companies, world-class agency partners and specialized media constituents worldwide. Other ad agencies rely on DJNR’s tech know-how and experience to produce innovative websites, online experiences and digital advertising campaigns. With the unveiling of the new DJNR.LOVE non-profit, all of these services and expertise will be available to the female entrepreneurs that join our first program.

For more information and to enroll, visit